safety-1Health, Safety and Environment

Ventana as a company takes worksite safety very seriously and we strive for zero injuries and incidents on our sites. We have spent considerable time and effort to develop a comprehensive worksite health, safety and environment (HSE) program; we audit our HSE program annually to maintain our CoR (Certificate of Recognition) through the BC Construction Safety Association and ensure we maintain our strong safety record.

We also work hard to ensure that all of our employees and sub-trades on our sites are as safe as possible at all times. We do this through proactive management, which includes ongoing hazard assessments, and we emphasize the importance of safety in the workplace through proper supervision and management.

To ensure successful implementation of our safety program, Ventana employs a full-time Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Manager and full-time site-level HSE coordinators (CSOs) to manage safety at a site level. They work with safety-conscious Project Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents to enforce the HSE program and implement all safety protocols prior to the start of work on site.

Ventana as a company is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for every worker, and we take great pride in our safety program. We work to deliver best safe construction practices in order to reflect our effectiveness as a contractor and as a good corporate citizen, as well as a genuine concern for the well-being of people working on our projects. We want everyone to go home safely at the end of the work day.