Culture and Collaboration at Ventana

Workplace culture

At the core of Ventana’s business is a team of talented, dedicated, results-driven and qualified people. We all work together to deliver the best service and the best finished product for our clients every time so that each of our employees can be proud to say, “We built that building.”

That’s possible thanks in many ways to a workplace culture that is positive, supportive and rewarding for our employees. “Relationships to build on” is Ventana’s tag line, but it’s also a philosophy we strongly encourage our teams to practice when carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities and interacting with clients and construction partners.

We believe that enjoying quality time away from work will result in positive results at work, and we take the concept of work-life balance seriously at Ventana. Finally, we strive to maintain the small-company feeling that has defined Ventana over the past 30 years, and hold regular social events so everyone can get to know the person behind the employee.

Career and professional development

We want people who come to work at Ventana to stay here, and we employ two main strategies to make that happen. First, we help our employees grow professionally. We give people opportunities to build their career by allowing them to work on a variety of different projects and providing challenging work experiences. Second, we encourage each of our employees to develop their skills and expertise through appropriate training courses and professional development opportunities in areas related to their position.

We want our employees to have a career with Ventana, not just a job, and we promote internally whenever possible. Many people who began their careers at Ventana in junior or intermediate roles have gone on to management positions with the company.

Collaborative environment

Ventana’s priority is ensuring the highest level of service possible for each of our clients, and that requires a group of people working together. All of our projects operate on a collaborative, team-based format from the initial consultation all the way through to occupancy, with the entire team working together to provide exceptional client services. On-the-job mentoring is also an important part of the Ventana workplace culture, with senior staff sharing their knowledge and experience with junior members of the team.


We’re proud to offer our employees competitive compensation and benefits packages, bonus opportunities and a progressive work environment. We will be happy to provide more details on these things to job applicants who are selected for a formal interview.

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