Ventana provided selected development services for the Trapp + Holbrook project in New Westminster.

Development Services from Ventana

Ventana Construction is a full-service construction partner, not simply a general contractor or construction manager. We are able to offer a range of development services for our clients that generally fall outside the scope of most other companies – services that are just one more way that we can help our clients succeed with their projects.

Development services from Ventana varies with every project and is largely dependent on our client’s needs. On projects without clearly articulated development strategies, these could include some or all of the following:

  • assist the client and the architects in coming up with preliminary use and massing concepts for the site(s), to ensure an efficient and cost-effective concept is identified from the outset
  • source market research and intelligence to include in the design of the project
  • support architects in discussions and negotiations with municipalities to achieve rezonings and all permits
  • manage the project pro forma to ensure we make proper forecasts and capture all of the major cost items in the design, budget and schedule
  • provide an initial project cash flow and manage it throughout the course of the project to understand cash requirements and finance milestones
  • manage the comprehensive project schedule, which includes all planning, financing, design and construction activities
  • review month-to-month invoices being submitted by the consultant team and provide approval or discuss
  • administer and manage month-to-month cost reports, as well as pay consultants and fees where desired by the owner

Contact our business development team to discuss the full range of development services from Ventana.