Public-private Partnerships

P3 projects can be the most economically advantageous way to build and run public facilities without a large initial outlay of cash.

Ventana can assemble a project team that will design, finance, construct and operate a P3 facility, whether it’s a multiplex, a conference and event centre or an educational institution.

We have worked on two major P3 projects: Prospera Centre in Chilliwack, with the City of Chilliwack; and Langley Events Centre in Langley, with the Township of Langley.

Ventana’s operations partner continues to manage Prospera Centre in Chilliwack, and successfully ran operations at Langley Events Centre for two years before the facility was turned over to the Township.

Contact our business development team to discuss P3 opportunities with Ventana.

The Langley Events Centre was built through a highly successful public-private partnership.